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Aid Climbing

Four images showing Smith Rock from different perspectives, including rock climbers.

Aid Climbing

Even the steepest, blankest rock becomes possible when you know how to aid climb. Having this skill allows one to scale 3000 foot monoliths like El Capitan, or the hard section that blocks your progress on a two pitch climb. Our Guides have led aid routes at the highest levels, and will pass this knowledge on to you. Clients practice the aid climbing sequence, placing specialized protection, following on ascenders, and protecting the follower. Emphasis is placed on gaining efficiency of movement and becoming familiar with the myriad of specialized aid climbing equipment. Custom topics could also include leading/cleaning pendulums, hauling, and solo-aiding depending on your particular goals.

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For extended full-days (over 9hrs), there is a $​30 per half-hour charge added to the total trip cost.

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