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Lead Climbing

Four photos showing lead climbing at Smith Rock State Park.

Lead Climbing

Tie into the “sharp end” of the rope with confidence after learning to lead climb with one of our Guides. We show new leaders how to best manage risk, addressing the major causes of accidents and how to avoid them. This outing focuses primarily on sport climbing, and covers topics such as rope management, building and cleaning anchors, protecting the second, fall protection, and lead belaying. Both ground-up leading and top-access anchor building are covered. ​The goal is to create independent, confident, and competent leaders who will keep themselves and their climbing partners safe. From there, the sky’s the limit.

Pricing For Half Day

Number of people in group / price each:
For extended full-days (over 9hrs), there is a $​30 per half-hour charge added to the total trip cost.

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